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Goodwood 1944 - materials and information on the operational megagame set in Normandy 1944, being run at Leeds Royal Armouries on 8 October 2011, and last run in London on in May 2011
War in The West 1940 - materials and information on the WW2 megagame that was held in Dover in springtime 2010 - on the 70th anniversary of the battles.
Breakthrough 1940 - materials on the WW2 megagame held in the Netherlands on Saturday 25 April 2009.
The Last War 1942-45 - Briefings and reports of 2-day megagame run in October 2005 on the whole of WW2.
Operation Market Garden 1944 - Briefings and reports of 1 day megagame on the rush for the Rhine bridges, run in 2004.
STONK - operational brigade-level wargame rules
OPCOM - operational divisional level map wargame rules